CheAir Dry paints question

I tried to order some paints from Chers page today but the invoice thing got sent back that it was undeliverable. Does anyone know if she is still in business?
On her webpage it looked like things have been updated this year, but i dont think her facebook page has been updated since january,
does anyone know how to get ahold of her so i can get some paint refills?

She is. Have you tried contacting her on Facebook or the CORA board?

At least, last I knew she was. I’m pretty sure she is:)

I just looked at her website and she has tons of colors added since I looked at it back when she first started these so I would think she is still selling.

She is still selling I use her paints I contact her on Facebook if u pm me ur number I can give it to her and she can call u also

I tried emailing her and it got bounced back. I cant get ahold of her on facebook. I am not sure what to do. I really need some air dry mint and a few other things.

What paint can i get at
michaels ?

@cher_simnitt. Not sure if this will tag her or if shes still a member here but it’s worth a try. Here was her thread from a couple years ago.

@trapple575 Can you contact Cher for her?

Golden fluid might me a good replacement if you can’t get a hold of her. If you want mint you can get a green and mix with titan buff.

i tried again to order paints but no reply.
i will need to order from somewhere else if i dont hear back soon,

I just sent Cher a pm on Facebook messenger and told her ur trying to contact her

thank you very much!

Did Tonya get in contact with you? I sent her a message on CORA that you were trying to contact Cher.

Tonya gave her my phone and email . Thanks

I have still not heard anything from anyone.
My email is if anyone can get someone to get ahold of me. I really needed the paints for this week and still dont know if she has
My order.

i tried the cora email… i had no repsponse anywhere else yet.

Well that’s frustrating. Sorry you havent been able to get ahold of her.

I got ahold of her for you on FB and sent you a PM