Chatty today, I know but here goes another question

Has anyone here done a booth at the fair or carnival? I am having no luck selling my 4 babies that I have previously posted on ebay and now have 3 posted with the new baby bugsy boo page. I get bids but the one time they met the reserve the buyer backed out. Am I just impatient?

I haven’t but I just listed 3 of them on the new site. They got lots of looks and watchers…

Is babybugsyboo not still in the testing stage?

It says it is but you are now able to register and list.

Maybe you are just asking too much. When I started I was happy just to get back the cost of kit and some materials, so i listed them at that as a staring price and some sold at that, some made bit more. Once you build up good FB people are more likely to buy.


Here is where they are located. Maybe I do have them too expensive for me being new.

Your dolls are very nice, especially Chanel with those pretty green eyes. Being BB kits, they might not go for that high of a price; people even have trouble selling limited editions for that much sometimes. It’s just the market😕 With Christmas coming in a few months sales should pick up soon.


The BugsyBoo site is very new, so not as many people would know about it as would look on eBay or Reborns. You need to look around and see how many equally lovely dolls are being offered for 1/2 or less of what you are asking. Look at comparable dolls on eBay, put them in your “Collection” and see how much they sell for and how long does it take them to sell. I had some very nice dolls for sale listed cheap; one only for $250 and it took months for her to sell.

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