Charlotte is out

Charlotte is out and some seconds for $29.95 no certificate.


She’s a cutie, but I’m out of Dolly Dollars :pensive:

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There are seconds of her as well but no COA same as Naomi.

I was just out by BB and my husband asked if I needed to order anything while we were out there, so I could pick up. I said nope… Then as we were driving I found out Charlotte had been released. :weary: I ended up placing an order for her as seconds, since she will just be for me, and I am not good enough yet for an expensive kit. But she sure is beautiful!!

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I just ordered Charlotte seconds :grin:

Oh now I can’t wait, I ordered her via mail. Oh I’m glad she is beautiful and happy you got one. I know you will do fine on her especially if you just love the sculpt, have fun while I sit and wait for the mail.

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I can’t start her yet, I wish! I have to finish my Spencer kit first, but I can’t get his lips right, so waiting for a few different paints that I decided to order once I got home lol. I’m determined to finish Spencer first, so I need to get him done ASAP. I have Summer Raine, Naomi, and now Charlotte waiting.

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Yes, I got Naomi too, I didn’t care for Summer Rain’s scrunched up face. I like my babies to look relaxed and contented, scrunch faces make me feel they are distressed, just me I guess.

Unless I manage to sell a baby this is it for me too. Spent all my dolly dollars on the new sculpts out and a piglet to make for my Mum. It would be fun to be able to just keep buying sculpts and baby clothes with no remorse and no money, dream on. :smile:

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I have about 30 in my stash :grin: , just finishing Asher Awake. Clothing sales kill me when they have all the 50 to 75
% discounts or BB has 50% off on sculpts.I always think but look what I saved, :joy: right!.