Charlie K

I caved and orderd him…i love that little face!!!


I had 2 preorder him he so cute

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I dearly love him!

I’m still holding out. I have my suspicions that I’m going to hold out until he is sold out then my decision will be made.

I preordered him too. I say ‘him’ because all I see is boy.

I just got shipping notification…. Charlie is on the way…


I didn’t yet. Who did you order from?

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I ordered one from Mac and one from Bobbi… I have shipment confirmation on both, but it looks like Bobbi’s has t gotten to the post office yet. Brenda’s is in Kentucky and says Tuesday for expected delivery.

Humm, I preordered from Bobbie but it still says ‘awaiting shipment!

Maybe she is still printing labels?


Mine says expected Tuesday as well. Says Portland Oregon for when I checked this morning

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Same here. Mine is in KY to be delivered Tues as well.

Oh I got a shipping update today that says he will be here tomorrow!

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I was surprised to see that Brenda is using SHIPSTATION now.

All I know is mine is coming via UPS

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Did you look at the tracking? It is UPS but through ShipStation.

He’s here!


Tracking says delivered I’ll be home get out of box prob in hour or 2. I’ll be setting it aside till I can paint this kit I’m excited for when I can

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He is beautiful with the exception of the creases behind his knees. They could have been better. Not sure if that is due to sculpting or transferance to vinyl but I strongly suspect it is due to the vinyl production.