Changes to our Realborn marketing

Hi Everyone!

We are making changes in how we market our Realborn kits. We are now pricing them the same whether you order the kit WITH the box, or WITHOUT the box. And, if you get the box, we still include 4 pounds of glass beads FOR FREE!

The following is what happened to us:

  1. When we first released our Realborn kits, we originally wanted to include a high-quality box free with the kit, and we wanted it to be one that could later be used to ship a finished doll in. BUT…

  2. …the post office changed the rules on us, and we started to get charged expensive postage fees based on the dimensions of the package rather than just the weight. This meant that every package was charged expensive postage (because the box was big), the same as if it was a heavy package.

  3. But that ALSO meant we could actually add more weight to the package without incurring additional postage charges (because we were already being charged the expensive rate), SO…

  4. …it didn’t make economic sense to ship the box unless we also added some extras. And that is why we created the choice of the Realborn Kit alone as one item number, and we also created a separate item number that had the same Realborn Kit WITH EXTRAS (the box, a body, and four pounds glass beads). And we priced the Realborn Kit WITH EXTRAS at $10 more than if you bought just the kit.

But now, there will be no more extra $10 charge . If you choose the kit WITH EXTRAS, you get the box and four pounds of glass beads (but no body), and you get them at no extra charge. That is what we are changing.

Why wouldn’t everyone now choose the kit with the free extras? Because the extras weigh more, and therefore the shipping is higher for that choice. The higher shipping might be OK for USA customers, but international customers might want to choose carefully whether they want the box and glass beads, or not.

So remember, if you now choose the kit WITH EXTRAS, the extras will be the box, plus four pounds of glass beads. The body is not included (whereas it previously was included). But the price is the same either with, or without the extras. There will be no more $10 extra charge if you choose to have the box.

Folks, we are just trying to get rid of our big boxes in a way that makes the best economical sense for everyone. And it doesn’t make sense to ship these boxes unless we also include more weight in the package (i.e., the glass beads).

Check out our Realborn kits on our Gallery page-- you can see the pricing there:

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby