Changed my username!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I changed my username!
I decided to change it because I wasn’t happy with my old one and I recently changed my nursery name to Milo’s Meadows Reborn Nursery with the help of @kareninflorida! This name is really meaningful to me because last year I had to have my sweet kitty Milo put down, he was only 1 1/2 years old and was the sweetest little cat I’ve ever met. He out up with me fairly well, he let me put a sweater on him and he liked to go outside on a leash like a puppy!


Awwww milo was so presh! I like your new name! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

Milo was an absolute sweetheart. I love that first pic of him - it’s so cute x

I think your new username is perfect :heart_eyes:

Thanks! I really love it! And him! I’ve been bugging my mom for a kitten but she still says no lol! Our youngest cat is all grown up now and she is MEAN!
The day we got her she was a sweet,snuggly, little ball of fluff!

And now she hates me lol


What a beautiful tribute to your precious Milo. Love the new user name! :heart_eyes:

Thank you :slight_smile: He was my baby! And her baby


I love your new username! What a wonderful tribute to Milo.

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Love that you can remember him like that. I use djjessie because Jessie was my sweet dog that I lost after only three years. Named her Jessie James because she stole my heart from the first. Some pets just touch your heart.


Should we call u milo now?

Nope,DC is fine :slight_smile:

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So sad but a great way to pay tribute. What a sweet kitty he was.

Love the new nursery name…and your cats are soooo pretty…

Here are mine at 11 months…hard to believe how quickly they grow up (we had to buy a single bed for them…lol
they are best mates and are both spoiled rotten…


Awww! They’re adorable!
My cats don’t like each other, but they loved Milo!


I love his tail…He is so pretty…and your others are really pretty too…How many do you have…I have a friend that has 12…lol I couldn’t believe it…she started off with 2 kittens but when she went to pick them up she saw another…then she kept seeing more and more and just got 2 new kittens about 6 weeks ago which puts her at 12 cats now…hahaha! 2 is enough for me…Love both mine…they are the sweetest natured cats ever…my spotted one (Tilly) thinks she is a puppy…she follows me everywhere, lays at my feet and I can’t even get a shower without her sitting outside the shower - almost trips me up half the time when I get out…lol
Tex is the ginger and he is a total nutso…I call him tag team Texie cause he will come running jump up on his hind legs and ‘tag’ you with his front paws and just keep on running past like he is playing tag…anyway, they are our kids…so we love them…


We have 3 of our own and 2 fosters right now. The black and white kitty in the pic above has passed away since the pic was taken :frowning: At one time we had 8, 4 of our own and 4 tiny foster kittens. They were feral but they were the sweetest things!

I like your new user name. What a great way to honor Milo. The pictures are so sweet.

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love your kittys

I love your new username and nursery name! What a great way to remember Milo. :slight_smile:

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I have to thank Karen for coming up with my nursery name! I mentioned I wanted to use my kitty’s name and she came up with the perfect name! :relaxed: