Chanel body

Is there a substitute body for the chanel kit. Those plastic rings makes the kit look like they have hips. Help. The kit is 3/4 arms full legs. But the legs are not in the front they are from the Side.

Best bet would be to custom order one using a Chelle pattern for non-jointed, side-loaded legs.

This web site offers custom bodies for Chanel. I just got one from her I hope I got that right.

I am not sure if that is the correct website.

Where can i place a custom order?

@mcnair6 has a website for body orders.

You gave it a try @Taz!

BB uses the same body for Chanel that is used for Honey and Sugar and it is for a baby with side loaded legs that have a hip. Did you not like that one!

I bought the head on eBay and then found arms and legs on eBay from a different seller they also were full limbs. I didn’t find the right size at bb.