Celeste order

Anyone else get an email saying the Celeste they ordered on the sale is not in stock? How can that happen? I thought the computer won’t let you order it if it’s not in stock.

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I have not gotten an email like that. :hushed: I also have not gotten notice of shipment, either. I’m sure they were inundated with orders so I’m not surprised they’re a bit more slow than usual. :confused:

I can understand them being slow to ship with the sell but I can’t understand why I was able to order if it is out of stock. I was really excited about getting it.

Yeah, it may be a “computer thing” and perhaps some people checked out at the same time, causing the confusion. ?? At least you got them for the sale price. :slight_smile:

I did not order Celeste, but I did get my shipment confirmation email this morning.

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I didn’t get them for the sale price. In the email it says to choose something else ir in 24 hours I will be refunded.

Oh, no, Greta! :frowning:

Oh no!!! :grin::weary:

I know!! So upset! I replied to the email asking if the order could be held until they are restocked. I even asked for 2nds if they had them.


Good idea!

I haven’t looked today, but they did have the Celeste head and limbs for sale a few days ago in the parts section under supplies. If they still have them, i guess you could make your own kit that way if you are really wanting her badly enough.

Well I guess that idea won’t work, they are all gone. I just checked. Sorry!

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I didn’t get to order Celeste because it said she was OOS. But the 3 I did order should be here tomorrow.

Sorry Greta :frowning:

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BB has the fastest shipping! I love it!

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