Celeste giving me fits!

I am just starting my Celeste…I love the vinyl and I think she is adorable (hope I still feel the same when I am done…lol)
I have two kits so am going to attempt opening the eyes but if that fails I will have a sleeper. I don’t know how it will work but I intend to use Prosculpt to set mine to hold them in place so that if there is any gap, it will fill it and cook…then will E6000 over the back with a light tan felt cover…will let you know how it goes…I might be crying by the time I am done but it sounds like a ‘plan’ at the moment. :wink:


My eyes are in. I used overkill when I set them. I put glue around the edge, let them set, then used globs of silicone over the back and let that dry for 24 hours. After that I backed them with moleskin. They are SECURE! I could have removed more vinyl from the back. Be sure and do that Starr. Mine are a little sunken because of the thickness of the sockets. I had to give up on lashes because I kept getting glue on them. Yesterday was a real drag in the dolly room. Today I am rooting happily away though. Her hair is turning out just like I want it to, so I’m content and glad I kept at it yesterday.


Good for you! I guess overkill is the only way to get things like this to work.


Thanks sweet lady…I have already done that…I kept putting different eyes in there and did not like how they were inset so far so I chiselled away at the inside till I got them thinner and am happy with them…I also found some eyes that come to a bit of a point in the middle that fit nicely in the socket area and makes them look perfect as the slightly protruding dome shape fits tight…Thank you for the heads up though…

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I had some of those eyes, but they were too small. I guess I should have bought some more because I used flat back glass and they are definately less than ideal.