Celebrate with me!

I just sold Paris Camille! She was the last one I have for sale except for my toddler and I don’t expect to sell her because I haven’t ever done her real photoshoot. This is probably my last sale for 2015. It was a wonderful year! Hugs to all you ladies whose advice and caring have helped to make it so. You got me through the slow times and encouraged me in the dry times! Your praise has made my day so many times!


Congratulations! I saw her still for sale the other day and was surprised. She is so precious. Great job!

Thank you. I think it’s the prisma hair. I really think people prefer the rooted babies so they can comb their hair, but I like hers this way. I hope her new mommy does too!


Yeah if I was buying, if want rooted personally. But, all my babies have prisma hair so far cuz I’m always rushing! Lol They look great, but I just love rooted hair.

Congratulations, Helen! You really did have a great year.

Yeehaa Helen!!! Congratulations on a great year. Who are you going to start with next year? No more dolly dollars for you so hang on to what you have for the ROSE show ok?!!

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Congratulations, Helen! I am so happy for you! You have done a wonderful job.


Yay HELEN!!! They flew off the shelves!!!:kiss::heart:

Congratulations, Helen! :dancers:

Congratulations !!

You guys, …
My cradle is BARE! It looks so wierd in the dolly room. I’m suffering from empty nest syndrome!


Better go make some babies! Hehehe!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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WOO HOO way to go :+)

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Congratulations :tada::tada::tada: I think that Nikkita must be waiting on me, I just love her if it wasn’t for Christmas I would have brought her home already​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Congratulations Helen…:slight_smile:

I’m going to do a little more work on her and a new photo shoot. She’s just a bit too floppy-headed and I want to fix it. I’ll probably get to that sometime next week. I’m really pleased that you like her so much.


That’s awesome Helen!!! :heart_eyes:

aw congratulations :smiley:

Congratulations Helen x

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