Caucasian baby wants to be AA :P

Wondering if anyone has ever been half way through the process of making a caucasian baby then decide the baby wants to be AA? If so how did it turn out lol. I am working on PG and I wanted her to be a fair shade after about 8 or 9 layers of flesh/molting I am thinking she would rather be AA. Can I continue with what I am doing and just darken her as I go or would it be best to strip and start over?


Thanks that’s kinda what I thought but wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

Yep! I did it with this little girly!


Aww, that worked out really well! What a cutie!

Do you have a WIP to share?

When I made my bi-racial baby, I started off as I normally do with a Caucasian baby. After skin tones, veins and mottling, I started with washes of burnt umber with a touch of blue. Use a darker tone for your creases.


I started with a Caucasian boy and he turned into a Mexican girl. It happens, lol.


LOL!!! :joy:

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My Kase started out being Caucasian but ended up being AA. I had gotten through all of the mottling and blushing and decided that he wanted to be AA. So I started adding darker flesh colors and made a lighter toned AA baby.

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Me? I may have some WIP pics on my laptop but I’m on my iPad. I’ll check later. I didn’t get too far into reborning her as caucasian before I knew she needed to be darker. She was my first successful biracial baby though.

That’s how she is I have been painting her off and on since 8 am she had her blues. yellows,reds, flesh layers, 5 or 6 molting layers and then I was like something is still not right so she is going to either be AA or maybe Indian? I will just keep going until I think it fits right lol.

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Let me post a pic of her(lol) I took her head off so that I could glue in a magnet and wala he also wanted to be a she… Go figure! Let me find the pic. I also added some more to her eyebrows. In this picture I haven’t sealed them yet.


Call me crazy, but these babies speak to us and we need to listen! Actually a lot of AA babies are very light when born but their creasing is more deeply shaded. I say go for it!

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She looks cute!

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Ok so she is still not turning out how I thought she should any advice is welcomed I’m not sure what’s missing but something still looks off to me so please give any and all suggestions. @2layz @wispywillowrebo @Satinysilke @AmyR777


What do you feel is missing? Calling Carrie @snuggle2me.

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This is going to sound crazy but to me it looks like she could use some lotion on her skin lol. I watched the tutorial on here of Kate’s Shading but her skin looks so perfect and moisturized this baby looks flat to me maybe because there are so many layers or may just be the sculpt I’m not really sure.


I like her, I would make her lips a little darker though to match her skin tone.

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I think she’s looking good! Maybe take a day off and then come back to her and see how she looks to you then? That’s helped me in the past. My brain tends to get too nit-picky and I can’t see the entirety until I can go do something totally unrelated and then come back with a fresh look. The skin tones I can see are very realistic!

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Hummm. Im not sure. Maybe add blue to burnt umber washes? What are you using to apply the fleshtones and washes. A brush or a sponge? I add my flesh tones and washes with a brush and pounce off with a sponge.

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