Why am I not able to see all categories on my laptop, but on my phone i can see all ?

I’m on my laptop and able to see all of the categories in a drop down box at the top left of the main forum page.

There are also four options along the top of the page. The fourth one is categories, it shows me all of the areas of the forum when I click it. Is it not there for you?

I normally do see all, I had no problem earlier today. Maybe my laptop is acting up

Oh. I really hate when that happens. Have you run updates on your operating system recently?

The only categories on laptop is Announcements

That is really bizarre. I would try to run updates if your computer has any pending. If not, try shutting your computer down and then booting it up again. Sometimes that can help with the strangest things.

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Does this part say “all catagories”?

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Yes, but just shows announcements

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can you screen shot it?

I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent changes to the forum? Every category except for announcements is now locked instead of just the off topic section as it used to be.

It makes no sense to me why it would be different on phone and computer though, unless you are not logged in on your computer for some reason. Did you make this post using your phone or your laptop?


I fixed it, I had to sign back in