Cashmere goat hair

I saw some cashmere goat hair for sale on Etsy. It looks like good quality hair and it’s inexpensive but it looks like it’s still attached to the skin of the animal. That kind of grossed me out. Has anybody tried this hair?



Do you have a pic or a link?

I saw that too and my mind went a little crazy, lol! Then I realized I have some that I got from a forum member a long time ago and was wondering what it was. Now I will probably not use it. Just a little too weird. :nauseated_face:

Here is a pic:

Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem. It doesn’t look like something I would use. But, then, I am nearly as experienced as others are.

The hair itself looks okay to me but I just can’t get past that chunk of skin.


Cashmere is an interesting idea, but I don’t know how practical. Fiber is measured in “microns.” To give a basic idea, these are averages:

Human hair: around 75 microns
Kid mohair: 24-26 microns
Cashmere: 14-16 microns

So it might be too fuzzy and flyaway. But it also has guard hair, which is usually discarded-- but looks like maybe that’s what is attached to the skin? Guard hair is around 30-70 microns. But all that varies by animal, with the exception of mohair (it’s graded in terms of micron count, not necessarily age. So an expertly graded fleece might be “kid quality” but come from a yearling animal. If that makes sense…?)

That’s a whole bunch of dorky fiber info, and probably not too helpful :joy: I guess the only way to know would be to try it.


Please tell me that is something other than a chunk of skin. Don’t they shave the hair off? Why would they do this??

Sorry friend, that’s a goat no longer in this world :disappointed_relieved: Similar to buying a fur coat I suppose, but seems pretty sad for a fiber that certainly doesn’t require killing the animal. In fact, cashmere that’s used for garments is typically combed from the animal, not even shorn.

Poor lil’ goat.


:cry: poor goat. That makes me really sad.

I would never want a animal to die for our need of reborn hair! How awful!


Think the goat died, then they decided to make the best of it by doing this? It wouldn’t make sense for them to kill the goat when they could just shave it off.


@DollyPardon That is the thought I will keep!

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What company is this? I want to call them.

Could you contact the seller and ask why it’s there?
It looks pretty disturbing.

The name of the Etsy store is called angelsbynoemi.

I want to hold that thought, too, but I wonder why the goat died.

I know some of the sellers of hair that is still attached to the hide use animal pelts that were used for food. Maybe they ate it?

Just from one of the sellers I like to buy from: Morezmore Tibetan Lamb fur comes directly from Tibet, where Tibetan Lamb sheep is a domestic animal grown for food, therefore skins are a natural by-product of a traditional way of life.


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