Care instructions

Does anyone have care instructions that I could print? I would really appreciate it!


These are mine…you can use them or tweak them to suit you if you like :smile:

Care Instructions

Your reborn is a one of a kind artist doll and should be handled with care. Below are some basic care instructions to help ensure your baby will remain an heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation.

Your baby is hand painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints which will not fade or rub off if cared for properly. To remove dust, wipe with a slightly damp or dry cloth. A dampened Q-tip can be used to clean areas such as the eyes, inner ears, etc.

Your baby is filled with contained glass beads and fibrefill and should not be left in a damp place or gotten wet. If this should occur, place in a warm spot to dry. Never leave your baby for extended periods in direct sunlight. Never place in direct contact with any heat source.

Your baby’s head has been weighted and should be supported as you would a real baby to reduce stress on the neck joint.

Your baby’s hair is hand rooted with high quality mohair. It can be brushed and styled using spray conditioner and a baby brush. If you find that your baby’s hair has become matted for some reason, you can use a wide tooth comb and conditioner and work carefully from the ends to detangle. Excessive brushing can damage the mohair. Please note that hats and headbands may cause problems with thinning or breakage as well.
Apply a good quality spray conditioner from time to time to keep your baby’s hair conditioned as mohair will dry out if neglected.

Make sure that all new clothing that may have dyes that will ‘bleed’ into the baby’s vinyl have been washed before dressing your baby as these dyes can permanently stain your baby’s vinyl. Colours to particularly watch out for are dark colours such as black, dark blues and reds, etc.


Perfect!!! Thank you Starr!!!


Thank you @westernstarr for sharing your care instructions. I copied and pasted and added one line to it about not using anything with alcohol in it and made a reborn birth certificate that I like better then what I was using and I would like to share it with anyone that is interested in using it as well.

If you are Interested just send me a message and I can email it to you.

Not the best pictures I took them using my phone with them still on my computer.


You’re very welcome sweet lady… :smile:

Your BC and CI both look very lovely Miranda - really like what you have done with them…(and you are very welcome - glad you could use them :wink: )…


I improved it so that it is all on one page instead of two.


I like that.

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Thank you, do you want a copy for yourself.

I got Coles wip :slight_smile: :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: I still need creative Amy’s!

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Ok, I’ll put her down for passing this checkpoint.

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My care instructions include a notice about any magnets that are in the baby.


Starr’s is great!! Adding on to it mine discusses temperature exposure. Also with the solvents and such: “Never put or have your reborn around solvents such as alcohol or nail polish remover as it can damage the dolls paint. Be careful around sharp objects or even long finger nails as it can scratch and chip the paint.”


Yes please I will send you my email address. Thank you.