Cant post photo

.Havent changed one thing on my cell camera which i take all my photos for BB forum. All of a sudden forum say too large to upload Anyone else having this problem?.Id make them smaller but dont see how on this phone


I have the same problem, that’s why I haven’t been posting much.

I dont understand.Did they change something when they went down for a few days?

Hmmm. Mine worked… but I deleted it. Um. Maybe ask @EmilyBB , or @bbsupport

I’ve been having that issue too.

We haven’t changed anything on our end. We can look into it.

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I’ve had that happen a few times so I just cropped the photo a tad smaller and it accepted it

I tried that but maybe i need it even smaller !

j lesser yours is fine . .and cute too!!.
Guess it doesnt matter that much now i put her cheap because im not crazy about the body leg look…and i think shes selling .Gal wants a passy and magnets i said i could do that…

I guess i can but never have do magnets yet
I do love Morgans face and shes making it a boy Think it could make an adorable boy!
Here Morgan is…came up!
what do you think of leg body proportions?

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Looks like she sold tonight? @Rirish

She did! and someone else interested .
.I know i sold her too cheaply but her body bothered me.However the more i look at it the more i feel its pretty normal looking just different from some of the others ive made

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