Cant find this topic ...millia

Looked online and on tutorials cant find a photo of millia nose spots on a reborn or real baby I dont like mine Please tell me what will make them better.less? They dont look real Is the bottom photo better Anyone have a pic of theres?

I am the biggest milia failure ever! I wish I could be of more help.

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Thanks for the reply anyway maybe higher more even distribution? cant tell without a pic?
I just asked my daughter to take a pic of my 4 day old grandson if he has any. …Not sure he does

They look good to me. Maybe add a few to the area above her nostrils.

Thanks ill do a few

I used dimensional gel tinted with some off white paint and applied with the end of a tooth pick on a couple however I don’t have pictures or the babies any longer .


I have only done it on a couple of babies. I don’t do a whole lot and I do it before my last few layers so they are not so pronounced. I can’t find any other photos that show up as much as this one. I use nail tip out of the jar and a toothpick.

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