Can't find dresses!

ok, so i just got back dress shopping for BROOKLYN and no luck. Where do you ladies buy your new dresses at? I’ve gone to Penneys outlet, Kohls. Stein Mart, Ross. TJ Max. Target and Walmart. NOTHING!!! I don’t want to spend alot on a dress. Thanks Karen

It is getting very hard to find infant baby dresses around here too. In fact, I haven’t found any in quite a while. I have been getting bubbles suits, sleepers and the cute Carter’s sets that have pants a shirt and jacket or 2 onesies.


Check out the website: remember nguyen.

They have a sale on right now, 40% off. They have a clearance section, too.

I hope you can find something you like.


azbaby -

Thanks for the tip about the Remember Nguyen website! I just went and ordered 2 smocked dresses, 2 smocked bubble outfits, and 2 bloomers all for $50.63 including the shipping fee! They were all (except bloomers) from the clearance section and still got an additional 40% off. Just gorgeous!

Thanks again,

Carmen M.

I love Xmas Window, she has some really cute things and great prices and so is the shipping , I also like Zulily, they have very nice quality clothes. You have to join but its free to join and they have some nice sales

Dresses are very hard to find around here also especially newborn size

etsy has some really cute vintage dresses (vintage can mean from the 80s)