Canon kit of the day!

He’s on sale right now! :grin:


Yes he is en when i looked one hour ago they had the Emmy Body and Emmy Awake on sale
But there gone now how can that ?

They were kit of the day yesterday. It changes at different times :thinking:

He looks just like Joseph. :crazy_face:

Dang I just bought him yesterday at full price :weary:

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I’ve been waiting for a kit of the day that I liked to place an order on stuff that I needed to replenish. Glad I was able to snag him and a few of those bodies because I was out.


There’s usually a limited number available and they go very fast.

I did not now that i was lookng for the Emmy Body and saw they were on sale and the kit i had already orded in U K .
But i had to cook supper then i order after it .
Wanted the body and the Emmy Awake but they were gon :disappointed_relieved:
How many times do they have Kit of the day ?

It will probably switch to a new one tomorrow

That’s why I never buy them at full price because that would be just my luck as well. Can you cancel your order from yesterday and then reorder him today quick? :laughing:

No he’s already shipped :weary: Oh well, maybe next time

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They usually change it once a a day lately. There was a period when they didn’t do them because of low stock. Things are slowly getting back to normal

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Thank you than i will look tonight what is on then :blush:

The Molly Kit is Kit of the Day 22,97 she is sutch a lovely kit to see :heart_eyes:
Have anybody painted this kit before ?

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I haven’t painted her yet. She’s in my stash. She’s super cute :slight_smile:

I made Molly. It was one of my favorite regular kits. Such a peaceful little face.

She’s sold out now! Canon and Molly both sold out today :flushed:

Michael is a bonus kotd right now!

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Christopher Kit Off the Day Now !!!


Oh I didn’t even know he was restocked! Thanks for letting us know. I missed him last time so I am happy to finally get a opportunity to get this kit he is such a cutie.

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