Canon has a big head ūüôĄ

After Cayle…this head seems huge… excuse the old lady arthritic hands…:joy:

I sit hunched over this head …steaming up my lamp with my breath…and have to take a break after an hour or so…seems like its taking forever!!!


Looks amazing!

Yikes!!! I love your hands. Mine are the same. A lot of work and wisdom in our hands! It looks beautifull!


It looks beautiful~

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It’s looking great! I love bigger babies but oh boy is it more work for sure!

How many hours is this? I wish I had the patience. It’s beautiful.

Probably about 6 ish hours!!

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Beautiful rooting!

Yikes, this reminds me of a surgery photo. Lol Extreme precision going on. :slightly_smiling_face:

HAHAHA…I can’t see unless I use that…my eyes are horrible!!! I use it for EVERYTHING…beginning to end!!! :rofl:

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Looks great