Canadian buyers- Panpastels, Realborn Emmy,

Just wondering if any Canadian artists are interested in my Panpastels- complete set- that April Yap has made the fabulous tutorial for. 10 colours plus blender. I used it twice. $60 Canadian

Or a seconds Realborn Emmy- $25 Canadian

Canada Post has a free shipping promo for the next 2 Tuesdays for small businesses so shipping will be free.
I will accept etransfer only.

What is etransfer?

With online banking you can set up to transfer money from your account to the email of the recipient. No need for cash or cheques.


I’ll take Emmy if she’s still available tomorrow when I get paid!!


She is yours whenever you get paid–I need to mail her Tuesday to get the free shipping if that is okay?
Etransfer to please. And PM message me with your address.

Emmy has your name on her!

PM’d you!!

Emmy is beautiful ,you are lucky

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Emmy sold-- Pan pastels still available