Can you please help suggest a sculpt of my son?

Any and all suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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this one kinda reminds me of him. not totally though. i am looking for open and closed eyed suggestions please thank you so much

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sweet pea awake, or Eden. Of course they are not in stock, but these are the most similar.

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thank you i will go check these out. i hadnt thought of eden but the forehead does kind of resemble his. thank you

I stink at finding sculpts that match real babies, Katie, but I wanted to tell you that your son is adorable! What a little cutie! Let us know which kit you decide on.

thank you so very much!!! i have 2 boys so as soon as i figure out the sculpt for my first born i will be bugging you girls to help me find one for my second

He reminds me of Michelle by E. Wosnjuk. It’s not cheap, though. It’s one of the high priced $109 kits.

Moby or Raine are the other two I thought of.

i am totally seeing Moby now- have u ever seen her done as a boy?

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walter by tusio ross , sorry …

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u think he looks like walter?

walter is super realistic looking bu ti think they only have the biracial ones. i have a few great suggestions i think i will try one of those or keep looking lol. I guess they an never come exactly close unless i ask Donna Rubert to sculpt me one. think she would? =D

Just a note of caution and concern. It is important to get permission to use ANY picture that you did not take yourself. Most are copyrighted. I know ebay is big on this issue. I would suggest contacting sites for permission.

Copy rights are a big deal and it is part of the artists work as is the reborn its self- is why-We know you werent trying to STEAL any ones work but some look at it that way and can try and ruin your reputation ( Reborners on other sites can be very competive and down right hateful for such things ) sad but true