Can you paint a pre-painted 10 inch mini baby?

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if it is ok if I paint with genesis heat set paints on a pre-painted 10 inch mini baby. I just wanted to paint in some subtle detail. I didn’t know if I could paint over what was on it or if it would survive baking. Any info would be great. Thanks,

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. I just wanted to do a little detail in the face so that will work.
Thanks agian.

I painted hair on my baldy’s and they turned out cute.

Thanks, I really wanted to add the detail but was afraid to mess it up. I will try and see what I come up with.

I would like some help with these babies too please.

I have purchased several to use for a craft fair, to be sure that there would be little ones with a low enough price point that almost anyone attending could buy one.

Some of mine have hair and I was wondering if anyone had baked any of these babies who had hair.? Does the usual wet and wrap method work for the protection, or does that harder shell in the head for the machine to be able to root them melt? Would the heat gun be a better option for them? Do any of you matte them FIRST to get a good foundaion laid then do the extra painting?

Thanks so much for all your help

I have not purchase any of them with hair. I have only purchased the ones that are baldy and then painted hair on them. Sorry can be of more help than that.

As far as clothing goes…I will be making them outfits myself. But am still interested to know how to handle the ones with hair. I didn’t order hair they just came with it…thanks

Thanks gals for all the really good ideas!

If I ever get my new halogen oven I will be back in baby mode~ then I will post some pix.

Again, thanks for ideas and for the reassurances.