Can you open a closed mouth?

If a kit has a closed mouth is it possible to open it or would it spoil the face and not work? If it is possible to do so, how is the best way to go about it?

@pschomaker makes drink and wet babies maybe she can help??

I have done it once for a drink/wet baby which has plastic tubing in the mouth as a reinforcement. It is backed by silicone and glue as well so that it won’t move over time. I am doing one for someone on here with a pacifier pouch behind the mouth which I plan to reinforce with silicone and glue. Haven’t started yet because I’m waiting for the kit. I usually choose open mouths for myy drink/wet babies, but I wanted twins to be identical but different in expression. I had to reshape the mouth too.

It is scary to do. Here is the one I’ve done successfully.

I have heard that. But I also heard of people filling their babies with silicone for the squishy affect it has. I have sealer (Flexseal) on the inside actually. I’m not sure what that stuff actually is…but I don’t think it would stick if were silicone.

The baby I was trying to fix the hair of had been filled with baby fat silicone pellets to make her limbs squishy. They were to begin with, then over time I thought she seemed to be losing the squishiness, and put it down to her no longer feeling ‘new’ until one night I picked her up and realised she definitely felt harder. On removing the limbs I found the silicone pellets had stuck together in a big clumpy sticky oily mess that seemed to be dissolving and had made the vinyl inside sticky and oily too. I had a real job to remove them, especially the ones that were stuck in the hands and feet. As the baby had never been anywhere wet or damp the silicone must have reacted to the vinyl.

The baby fat pellets shouldn’t be used in the limbs. They react with the vinyl, making them very oily.
But I’m not sure if they’re made of silicone.

From what I’ve seen on Flex Seal’s web site…it is liquid rubber. I think that will work out okay for what I’ve done with it. I seal the vinyl tubing inside the mouth (and the other end too) to secure the tubing in place so it won’t become dislodged over time especially when turning the head. My earlier versions could not do that. The generous amount I use also supports the vinyl from inside. I usually use open mouthed babies and just drill the hole for the tubing. BUT on the Celeste head I did more re-sculpting to make the heads different. I used the Flex Seal to reinforce the back of the mouth and lips.