Can you lighten dark skin vinyl

I bought Iisha…Her vinyl is pretty dark I think her features would show up better if she were a bit lighter.Can i use flesh 2 or will it make her look white and chalky.

What should i use?

Yes i would use the lightest flesh, or even layers of white, but you have to be very careful that the layers are very thin and all the creases mopped up properly to avoid chalkiness.

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I have to look again but doesnt seem orange just very dark brown ill keep this in mind though.Havent started yet.Still in the how should i do this one stage.Told myself ill finish these last 2 im making before i start a third.

Maybe post a photo compared to a BB kit so we can see the color.

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It is a BB kit.AishaLook again not as dark as i thought but darker than my photo

Watching… I have several kits like that and haven’t touched them because I don’t know how to lighten them up.

Haha …AAs are hard arent they? Ive done a couple darkening the skin i just tried a few things on this one .
I didnt care for the #2 skin Looked chalky to me Maybe just had to do more .Wonder if i i used # 2 and burnt umber or sonething more tan.? im just trying things on the back of its head See one i like Ill let you know if i hit a good one .

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Not if you want to lighten the vinyl

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Just beautiful…Did you bake each layer?