Can you help find a kit to match this cute little baby?


How adorable!!
I don’t know of any smiling kits but maybe realborn Logan?

She’s open eyed but Bountiful Baby Eliza or Rose?

Aww she looks like Crystal by Denise Pratt but it’s discontinued
Maybe someone has one


Here’s a smiley baby but she’s not available yet

She looks like an Eliza to me, if you don’t mind open eyes

or maybe a Lillesol

Rosie by Sandy Faber?

Or Lia Lauren By Susanne goschl

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I see Owen

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Jola Romie Strydom

Jade Strydom

I saw Owen right away.

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I know she is a little bigger but the smile fits :slight_smile:

Lucrecia by blick

Hey @InfantInspirations Just posted a Stephanie Donnelly and I think she would be a good match! Check it out :slight_smile:

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Definitely can see Stephanie Donnelly in the baby. Very cute!