Can you change out eyes

Is it possible to take eyes out that have been glued in. I don’t want to ruin the kit but I wanted blue eyes and it came with green.

I’ve only done a few but I wouldn’t want to try lol I’m sure the other experienced girls can advise .

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You can if they were put in from the back so you can get to the glue to get it off. IDK if they were glued from the front. I’d be afraid of tearing the vinyl. You might be able to cut them open from the inside, though. I’ve only had 1 pair I’ve not been able to get out. It’s an older Berenguer baby that I’m re-doing. I think they put the eyes in with cement. lol Nothing I’ve tried will get the mess off the back of the eyes so I may just have to keep them. They’re okay, but I’d like a different color.


you can heat up the head in the oven for a few minutes…the vinyl will soften up so you can pop them out in the front. I just did the same thing on one of my kits I purchased secondhand.

If they were glued from the back, hopefully they used E6000 or similar…you can warm up the glue until,it gets soft, and slide them from the back sockets.


Thank you