Can’t believe I did this

I bought Jack and Posy and can you see what is wrong. I went to start taking pictures and her hands don’t match the coa! :hot_face: I painted jacks arms and assembled posy with his arms. Now he has her arms. What a mess but I actually like her better with her arms. I just can’t sell her now. I’ll paint his head to match his arms. Ugh I’ve never done this and it’s frustrating


Just switch the arms

I am but I hope to be able to match the paint. I only painted posy because I thought about keeping her.

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Just give a try, take your time

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Thank you for the encouragement :heart:

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You can sell it just but it in the notes it’s different arms .other people switch stuff up :woman_shrugging:


Same thing I’d say. If you’ve seen some of the dolls people sell, then you can sell anything!

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Yup just go with the flow

If you can’t match the paint then sell them with the switched arms, put in a disclaimer that you switched the arms, and still include the COA