Can smoking cause dolls to develop a yellow tinge?

Hoping one of you can find an answer for me! I have a friend that bought a couple of dolls off ebay that were painted with genesis paints. She wanted to show them to me since I paint with luminaires (air dry paint). We were outside in the sun but noticed that the paint looks yellow in places. She doesn’t remember them having that color when she bought them but isn’t sure. Her boyfriend smokes in the home so we were wondering if it was the smoke or something else. Maybe she just didn’t notice the yellow because the doll was in dimmer lighting??? Smoke turns genesis paints yellow?? Anything else? I’d appreciate any help. It is pretty obvious, mainly on the nose area. I don’t know who painted them but she might know how to contact the artist. I hate to think that all her dolls would get ruined. I know reselling them would be hard just because of the odur. But she has several now and wants me to make her more. I just gave her two boo-boo babies the other day to love. Hope they survive!

Nicotine will form a yellow sticky coat on anything it is around. I know, I was married to a heavy smoker for 25 years! YUK!!!

Yes!!! Nicotine turns everything yellow. I’m sure she would be surprised if she wiped the walls with a white towel what would come off.

Thanks, everyone, I had a bad feeling that was the problem. I’ve never lived with a smoker but have been in other houses and know how the smoke just permeates everything. Is there a way to remove the yellow without destroying the paint? It is painted with genesis. I know sometimes hard rubbing can wear the air dry paint off. One reason I’ve debated going to genesis is durability. My babies get dragged around too much. I need to put them out of reach of 2 year old Ryan. He is all boy most of the time, running full speed, but he loves my babies and is so quiet with them until he gets sidetracked and runs off!

I’m going to leave it to his mommy to fix him! Not taking any chances on messing him up. I’ll fix his lips and give her the bad news tomorrow. It won’t do her any good to clean it or redo it if her boyfriend is going to continue smoking. Bad thing is that she wants me to list some play dolls for her on ebay. I don’t think she realizes how hard it is to sell a doll from a smoking home.

I bought a doll kit off of a lady on ebay. The box was reeking of cigarette smoke even before I opened it! I washed and soaked the doll in dawn and then added some Fabuloso and let it soak overnight. The smell is finally gone. Most people who smoke don’t even notice these things.

Since she still wants all of her dolls, especially the reborns, taking them apart and cleaning them won’t help. I don’t know if she is just going to have to try to surface clean them or just live with the yellow. Seems like genesis isn’t immune to cigarettes. As for the one that I’m fixing the lips for where the paci wore them, after a week in my house, it is still an overpowering smell. I’m keeping it away from my stuff or trying to. I don’t mind fixing that spot but don’t want to do more to it without her permission.

And that is one other thing. The pacis she got from the seller had magnets with no protective felt on them. Just glue and a magnet. And they have worn the paint off the lips in just a few months. I didn’t realize when I first started but had learned to add felt. Now I see what happens! I’m trying to drembel out the center some to see if I can hide the magnet better too.

I gave the poor baby back to his mama via another friend. She saw the doll new and was sure the yellow wasn’t there then. I don’t know whether she is just going to have to live with yellow dolls or convince boyfriend to stop smoking (she also has a 15 year old and a 7 year old to think of). I’ll try to call her this weekend and pass on the news.