Can paint turn gray over time?

This past Christmas I purchased a used prototype baby. In her original auction photos she had the most beautiful peaches and cream skin tone, this is how her original artist even described the doll’s coloring. Well, I received the doll which I had paid a good amount for and in person she was GRAY. It was heartbreaking. The only color true to the photos was her lips. Do you think the paint could have turned gray overtime? It was genesis heat paint that was used. Also, the baby did take really good photos. However, in some of the photos I took of the doll you could tell she was gray. The original artist’s photos were all taken in bright light.

If anything, I could see the colors getting lighter if the doll was left in the sunlight a lot but I don’t know what would make it turn gray. It would seem that perhaps, it was like that all along. ??? Paying good money for that kind of quality, I would’ve gotten a refund and returned it. Since you bought it in December, I think it’s too late for that.

@AmyR777 no, I did return her. It was a nasty ordeal but I got my money back rest assured.


Sorry this happened to you…sounds like she must have had that colouring all along…Only way I could see that she MIGHT change over time would be if the lady used too many mint layers trying to neutralize pink vinyl and over time the ‘blue tones’ in the mint bled through and were stronger than original…sort of like how veins and purples will do over time…they tend to come to the surface more (that is why it is a good idea to keep those colours sort of soft and not so pronounced when you’re painting). Anyway, so sorry for the bad experience…Glad you got it sorted out and got your money back…


This is what I’m thinking, too. Thank you, Starr :bouquet:

Yea! I’m glad you got your money back. :slight_smile:

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