Can mod Podge hold magnets?

Can I use mod Podge for magnets? My e6000 is dried out and I can’t get more because I can’t leave my house.

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You can use any glue if you cover it with moleskin once it dries. I usually use Aleene’s Tacky Glue.


Does it have to be moleskin? Would other fabric be okay?

The moleskin has a pretty strong adhesive. I’ve never used fabric but it might work okay. I wouldn’t use felt. It doesn’t stick very well. I used a blob of tacky glue without the moleskin for years but I had one magnet shift after the doll was assembled so I like the added stability.


Thank you!

I use the same technique as @jeanhai and never had a problem so far.


Yes, you can used Mod Podge (let it dry for a day as it’s slow drying), but add moleskin, like others said.

I’ve used mod podge when out of e-6000, and I used it a lot when I was first starting out. I put a bunch under and over the magnet, put a cotton round on top of the magnet and then more mod podge on top of the cotton round. I still have a baby from 4 years ago that I did like that, the magnet is still in the same place, but I can’t say that all of them stayed put.