Can I use thinning medium and odorless thinner?

Ok, this may seem like a dumb question, but can I use the odorless thinner to thin a layer of paint and the thinning medium to thin a layer as long as I bake each layer? I know you cannot mix the odorless thinner and thinning medium for the same layer of paint and I know you cannot use more than 40% of the thinning medium to mix with the paint, but I do not know if you can alternate the layers between using the odorless thinner for some layers and the thinning medium for some.

I just did this the other day. I was told not too it will destroy any dimension you are creating

I too use thinner with thinning medium and color. I like to use a little of each in my blush colors and crease colors. It thins the paint to make it transparent but also with adding the thinning medium it thickens it up a bit. Never heard you CANT mix the two, actually I’ve seen it done in a few tutorials.


I use thinner to thin paint that has already been thinned with thinning medium (AR paints already are thinned with the medium and I thin them more with thinner). No problems.


I use them both. And I have mixed them before. But my new jar of thinning medium is a bit watery so I havent done it anymore…

I mix a little thinning medium into my odorless thinner thinned paint mixes for blushing and creases. Thickens the mixture a little.