Can I see your Twin A bodies

The kit I received was a stripped kit, and the body didn’t come with her.
I’m trying to decide where to get her body from.

I used the realborn Clyde body on mine


Is this a BB body?

No, it’s the body that came with the kits.

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Here’s mine, she has the recommended body from MacPhersons.


Okay thank you all :slight_smile: This helps a lot.

I’ve made 3 twin A’s and 2 twin B’s. I’ve used the body that Bonnie provides with the kits (I’m Australian so I buy directly from Bonnie brown) I’ve also used the Clyde body from BB.

I very much prefer the Clyde body. It’s a little longer and more slender and they’re small newborns so I think it suits better


Okay​:blush: thank you very much :purple_heart: