Can i see Curly yearling Baby pics

I have some curly yearling from golden fleece. It looks like it may end up being frizzy. I’m try to decide if i should continue or not. I usually use @angelas817 hair, but she has been out for awhile, and I don’t have enough remaining to root this newborn head. So can i see the finished product for this type of mohair. Thanks

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I don’t have any pics of rooted yearling but I do have some of the curly kid mohair. I have some yearling by her also and haven’t had it be frizzy but I don’t typically root with yearling. I can style it in curls or smoothed down, here’s a pic of both


I’ve used angela’s kid mohair, this is my first time with yearling, so I was wondering if yearling is usually like this. There seems to be a big difference in curl and I’m afraid I won’t be able to produce same curls.

Yes that’s what mine looked like, just a bit finer because it was kid not yearling. I exclusively use her hair now because it’s my favorite by far. But I also haven’t tried the other “popular” brands right now

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Okay thank you, i’m going to play around with what I have rooted so far. if it won’t hold the curl I need then i will use it for the edges only

If I want big curls I use conditioner and wrap the hairs around a pencil or something of a similar size. It will hold the curls when it dries.


yes, I usually do similar. I’m giving that a try right now lol

Good luck! I hope it works out nicely for you.

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me too lol bc i don’t have time to order new hair :crossed_fingers:

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All these babies have Golden Fleece curly hair. I love it. You can brush it straight when it’s wet, or scrunch it up. :heart_eyes:

That little Sherry is now @YelenaRey’s Olivia. :heart:


@YelenaRey can show you how it holds up. She’s had her little Olivia (my Sherry) for several months, and she’s not hesitant to handle that baby girl at all.


They are cute and I love your Adelaide. I’ve continued rooting and I’m hopeful.

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Thank you. Keep going. I never like how it looks during the rioting process. But it’s beautiful once it’s finished.

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@Katinafleming who’s your baby in the green dress, she’s adorable?

When you pencil curl the hair, doesn’t it go really flat during shipping?

I just brush it down flat during shipping so it won’t tangle as easily if it gets rubbed. I include instructions on how to curl it though.

Thank you. That’s Maik by Natali Blick.

@Katinafleming I love my Olivia’s (Sherry’s) hair. Easy to deal with and can be curly or straight. I prefer it curly. Just do it with water and pencil.

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Yelena, does it ever get frizzy?

@Katinafleming I don’t know what ‘frizzy’ means in terms of the mohair. It can get tangled, but it styles back easily.