Can i return a kit?

I am going to make a custo. Kit for someone, and she picked out Juan becauseof the face. However, Juan came yesterday andnhe is HUGE!! Adorable but huge…that is one giant baby. The customer wants a small newborn, not a giant toddler. Am i able to return Juan to bountiful baby and get my oney back?

Sarah, BB addresses the issue of returns on the main page where it says ABOUT US – here’s a copy - hope it helps.

“Return Policy
All purchases are fully guaranteed! You may return any item within 30 days for a refund. Items returned must be in the same condition as received, and you must pay the return shipping fee (shipping, in either direction, is never refunded unless the return was due to a mistake made by us). When an exchange is desired, all exchanges are handled as a refund for the original item, followed by a new order for the new item (you can see from that we don’t really do exchanges-- we only do refunds, which leaves you free to reorder whenever you wish, and it gives us a simple, uniform way to handle all returns).
Our return address is listed above. What we need with the return is something that identifies the order from which it was purchased. A copy of the order included with the return works well for that, but anything that helps us identify the original order can be used. Once we receive the return, and identify the order that it was purchased from, we will refund the same funding source that was used to place the original purchase (i.e., if you paid via credit card, the same credit card will be credited for the return-- or if you paid via PayPal, the refund will be returned to your PayPal account, etc.)”

I am thinking i might actually keep him and make him for myself-- he is pretty cute. I am going to make him into a girl with cute pony tails as a toddler… A big one!! I happen to like the big big dolls. He just wont work as this lady’s newborn baby.

It will take me a bit to get to do juan/ita as i have a baby to finish, then a custom, first. But then s/he will be next. I thi it will be very cute when done. A giant baby might be fun!