Can I please have some opinions

I’m new to reborning and this is the first reborn I made can you tell me how it look to be my first time I’m open to suggestions. Thank you :blush:


I think she looks great for a first baby. Nice job! I really like the coloring, blushing, skintones, and you did a good job with the creasing as well. I might go a little easier on the eyebrows, to make them a little more subtle/thinner, but that’s my only critique. I’m a newbie myself so hopefully the other ladies can chime in with suggestions/thoughts as well.


She’s looking very good, but as LynnW said, her eyebrows need some work. They should be thinner, softer, and better matched. Her blushing looks pretty good to me in the photo. Her lip color seems slightly unnatural, but it is a pretty color and nicely painted. You are definately on the right path.


Thank you :blush: yes the eyebrows, but it was so hard for me to paint them I was struggling to do it but I’ll keep practicing :blush:

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How can I fix the eyebrows without disrupting the paint on the bottom?

That’s super tricky… I use air dry paints so not sure if it’s different if you’re using GHSP, but I can’t remove just the top layer… if I use a dab of alcohol, it will take that entire spot off (all the way down to the core vinyl)… I would probably just move on to the next baby, honestly. But she’s pretty good for your first. You might want to watch an eyebrow tutorial and practice on a test part (or practice sketching on paper first).

She looks really good for a first baby, the blushing is good and she’s so cute.

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Eyebrows still kill me!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, great first baby!
No matter how many babies I’ve done those darn eyebrows!

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Yes that’s exactly what I’m going to do, I’m going to move on, I already love her, I’m going to work harder on next baby eyebrows, thank you so much :blush:


Thanks :blush:

Thank you :blush: I’m trying to learn and hope I will

Lol, practice, practice is the key! Doll after doll after doll. Your baby looks a lot better than my first babies! My advice is to keep buying the kits that BB has on sale. Maybe not a baby you want to keep but great for learning on. Sell the ones you don’t want and buy more. Stashes are wonderful! You will be amazed at how hooked you get!

Good advice thank you hun.