Can I get some advice (&pics of my Tabatha FINALLY finis

Ok, so I FINALLY got her little head to hold all the hair it was going to take I guess. I was afraid I was gonna make a HUGE hole in her or something, so I got it as good as I could and quit with it. Anyhow, I haven’t listed a doll in a long time, I think I did a REALLY good job on her though. I think anyways, lol. She took me a couple months to finish. I’ve included not all but some pics of her details like hair and nails and stuff. Also, she’ll be going to her forever home with like 2 outfits, different hair accessories, a little pair of socks (that look like slippers), an actual pair of slippers (that are SO sweet), an ID bracelet, she has a diaper, maybe even some other stuff…what should I start her bidding as?

OH I forgot to say, as careful as I was in the two months I was working on her, SOMEHOW, an ink pen got to close to her and left a VERY small mark on her leg that I can NOT get off. It can be covered up easy enough with clothes or blankets, etc…and really could be played off as a vein or somethng, although a VERY predominant one. I’m going to mention it in the auction though, let the bidders know it is there. But I know I need to take this into consideration when figuring out the starting price too


that is ashame about the pen mark!! wish i could tell you what could help! my ariella has a small yellow spot on her forhead i haven’t been able to remove which is why i haven’t done her yet, very depressing:)

UGH I KNOW!! That pen mark broke my heart!! I don’t even know where it came from!!! I’ve tried everything I could so far. Acetone didn’t even touch it!!! I thought tomorrow, I MIGHT try the acne stuff. You know, they say try a touch of that, leave it in the sun for a while, see if it will help. If that doesn’t do anything I’m out of options, that I know of.

I thought about even saying it was a small bruise that hasn’t healed up from being born yet. You know when they’re born, they get marked up in the craziest ways, lol. I DID go ahead and just take the honest approach though, this round. I gave her what I thought was a more then fair starting price, considering the quality of the rest of her, and all the stuff that will go with her. If she doesn’t sell this time, and if I still haven’t gotten the mark off, THEN I’ll make up some cutesy little story about what it could be, lol. I’m going now, to post the link to her auction on the main board. That way, if someone not following this thread might like to see it, they can catch the link there. Thanks for all the thoughts though. I’m still open to suggestions

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In all honesty, just admit she is a ‘boo boo’ baby…

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I think I’ve done that, lol

I wonder if you could cover it with the blush color so it looks like a scratch? Maybe make a tiny black and blue mark around it? Good luck with ebay!

That is too dark to be covered. I would put a dot of zit cream on it and bleach it off. Once it is gone touch up just that area with some blush and a heat set gun. Even if it bleaches out the paint some, the spot is so small that it shouldn’t be hard to fix.