Can I bake a rooted doll Head?

I have been rooting my Arianna toddler kit, and the vinyl is really hard. I tried a rice sock, but it didn’t help much at all. If I am able to bake her head, do I have to cover the mohair with something first? I need help!


Okay! thank you so much for that info! I do have a heat gun also, I’m just not good at using it. So can I make that mixture with some conditioner and water?

Okay! That is what I will do! Water mixed with a hint of conditioner. I will be sure that her head is very wet.

Oops! I meant Hair, not head! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’ve heard it can dry the hair out. I’d do a test run with some unrooted mohair first. I wet the hair, put a wet hat on and lay it in the oven on the top of the head so the heat will get inside really well. I roll up a washcloth like a snake (starting at one corner so it’s as long as possible when rolled). I create a circle for the head to rest in.

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