Can high flow acrylics be used on reborns?

Hi there everyone! I am wondering if anyone has used the Golden high flow acrylics on their dolls? Is it similar to using the Golden fluid acrylic paints? I got this color at Michael’s this evening to help me paint pinky newborn skin:


Yes, they can be used just like the fluid acrylics. I believe most of them tend to have a bit more sheen. That color is going to be very bright so be careful. It is a flourescent so more of a fantasy pink than a natural one.


I don’t think so…because I was told folkart air dry acrylics was the best, apple barrel is pretty much the same

They can, I accidentally ordered a bottle back when I used golden. They are exactly like golden fluids but are fluorescent. I tried mine and even very thin you could tell they were fluorescent, and like Angie said they have more sheen, so not great for regular babies, but would be really awesome for alternatives!

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While they have been used by some, Folk Art and other craft grade acrylics are not the best paint to use to paint a baby. Craft grade paints are NOT artist grade pigments that pass light fastness standards for longevity. Lightfastness refers to how the pigments in the paint interact with light and it is a measurement of a pigment’s ability to resist fading or discolouration under normal circumstances. This is with any type of sunlight or ultraviolet light. Craft grade paints contain a high ratio of fillers in them and a lower pigment load thus leading to a higher chance of fading over time. The added fillers can also lead to cracking/peeling paint if applied too thickly or in too many layers on the doll. I myself would be very upset to pay the prices we charge for a reborn doll only to find out it had been painted with craft grade paints. I highly recommend not doing that. There are good artist grade paints out there at affordable prices so there is no need to skimp on quality.


As fluorescent as it is, I could probably add white to it to tone it down.

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Go ahead and try it on a test limb first! Show your results!

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