Can hardly wait to get to the mailbox today!

I ordered Tibby the other day and she’s here already. When I head to work today, I have to stop by the mailbox and pick her up. I sure hope her limbs fit into my convection oven, or I’ll just have to stop and pick up an oven roaster because I am so excited to create my own little girl! I am planning (at least for the moment) to have a pretty little green eyed redhead (like her “mom” hah!) to keep for myself. I’ve done Ladybug, but nothing larger so I am hopeful that she will fit.

My sister in Bangor, Maine is also doing Tibby but hers will look like her - blonde with blue eyes. When we are both in old(er) age I told her I know we will end up together so we have to make the girls look just like us! Crazy - I know, but so much fun.

Oh awesome!!! And I am wondering can your sister tell me of any job openings in restaurants around there? My husband and my family and I are looking to move there!

Oh and I have a roaster oven for my babies too