Can eyes be baked?

Shoot!! too much rushing.! P

Put eyes in forgot eyebrows!. love how eyes are in. Can I bake eyebrows with eyes in at 250 or what do I do?.Takes me forever to get the eyes in.
Also is there anything I can p it on lips to make them more shiney?
. And in eyes to glue lashes and make the eyes shiny.What about gem tac or modge podge?

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Depends on what kind of eye…most can be baked but some turn cloudy on me. What brand?

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From BB

Izzy. If they get foggy what do you do?.Can you use modge podge to shine them up?

Uh…I don’t know lol. I always thought they were ruined for good. :laughing: just make sure when you buy them they say they are heatable. I think most glass eyes would be fine. And BBs eyes are good too.

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I bake BB’s half-round acrylic eyes with no problem. Are they glued in? The glue may not do so well in the baking process.


There was nothing on the package. Just a tiny plastic bag with a number and eyes in it.
I also have some hair on her now.
I tried a little hair in the oven seemed to do ok…I hope … .don’t think it felt singed or anything but I’m leery I’ll ruin the rest just for eyebrows and FenYen has a large ridge where eyebrows go so not real noticeable without…for a child anyway.

I bake dolls with their eyes in with no problem. You can’t bake the “soft glass” eyes from Eyeco, but I have baked the BB eyes, glass eyes, plastic eyes from eyeco…etc. with no problem. I haven’t had any go cloudy. Anybody have problems with this???


I baked ones from secrist and they turned a little dim and the pupil went red lol.

Okay. I have never bought Secrist eyes so they might be ones to keep out of the oven, too! I bought eyes from some company, I’m pretty sure it was Secrist, for a porcelain. They were beautiful blue eyes. I put them away for several years, only to find out they had turned purple! They were in a doll head too. I still have the head somewhere.

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Copied from a store in Oz
Eyes …not glass.
Beautiful detailed eyes, bakeable to 135 Celsius, so they can be used when baking clay sculpts. Colour doesn’t change over the years. As you can see by the picture with the light reflecting in them, they are nice and shiny. Cover with a bit of Clear Dimensional Magic or High Gloss Finish and they look better than glass eyes. Very realistic !

And info on her glass eyes for sale…
(One pair of Beautiful Shiny Glass Eyes.
Bakeable to 140 Celsius.)
NB. I have not personally baked these eyes although I have used Arleens paper glaze to add shine. Used on my Lulu doll.


Thanks good to know. . but I have BB eyes in.Its Going tomorrow to my grand daughter so either have to bake with these or not today… Ugh

I baked Honey’s unglued eyes to 265 the other day. They LOOKED watery when I took her out, but I was way too chicken to touch them or anything. If they were melty at all, they look 100% normal now. If yours are glued I wouldn’t bake.

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no no glue thanks.

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Well I think ill leave it alone .I already got The whole head rooted then. pulled a lot of hair out I think lightly combing it with a pic so I don’t want to take a chance on the eyes too…mess it up more no time to order more.
Eyebrows …The paint is black but. Put on very pale stained the vinyl so I think even wiped off there will be eyebrows enough.Its not to an adult but a child so. Good enough.I’ll tell her mom if they come off I can put them on later