Can Clyde be a girl?

I have an order for a Clyde as a girl! Has anyone done this one as a girl? I just can’t seem to visualize anything feminine in that face…If you’ve done a girl from him, can you post a photo-p-p-pleaeeeeeeeeeease???


I’ve seen him done as a girl, But I really can’t see it. My Clyde was ALL boy. And I see a boy in the little Clydes dressed in pretty dresses and bows too. I think it can be done, but he’ll always look boyish to me.

I feel the same…I have only seen one dressed in pink and the first thing that went through my mind is 'pink is not his colour at all"…lol

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@kimskids did Clyde as a girl:-) so cute!!!

Kim, Can I please see your little Clyde as a girl…I need some inspiration!

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Awwwwww Thank you…she is so adorable…What are you going to do with her hair if I may ask? This lady wants blonde…yours will probably get a darker colour though looking at her skin tones won’t she? I have to have this baby done by Thursday…I think I am going to do her and do Denver Rose as well and give her a choice of one or the other just in case I can’t achieve a girl…I had three sons in real life and girls don’t come easy for me unless it is a girlish or feminine sculpt to start with…so Clyde is going to be a super challenge for me…yours looks perfect…definitely can see girl in her…hope mine comes out as well… :worried:


Wow, I can’t imagine anyone buying one of your babies bald when you do such a beautiful hair rooting job…(Well I CAN imagine them buying one of your babies bald because they are beautiful bald as well…didn’t mean it that way…just that your hair rooting is so lovely that if I were buying one of your babies I definitely would have to have you root the hair because I wouldn’t want to miss out on that… :smile:)


The baby in the first proto photos shown in the listing is a girl - the one done by Jacqueline Kramer, but I think Clyde looks like a little boy even dressed in pink.

Here is my Clyde as a girl.


What?! That’s some fast work, Starr!

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Hahaha! I know…I have been known to pump out 2 - 3 a week when I get under time pressures though so hoping that I can make it…I am working on Clyde and Denver Rose (along with about 4 others that have to be finished before Christmas so pushing it down to the last minute as always…lol I do only ever sleep about 4 - 6 hours so leaves me plenty of waking hours to paint. I rotate them in shifts and do all the boring coats in an assembly line fashion…then I have to take my time on the last couple of detail layers to 'add personality" so I don’t end up with a lot of little “clones” with different colour hair…lol When I finish these last 6, that will be all my paying customers taken care of for the year…I have a couple special ones that will have to be finished a bit after Christmas but that will be it for me till after I take a 6 - 8 week break…:smile:


That’s amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that. WOW!!!

I cant even imagine anyone doing so many in a few weeks.Wow…Kudos to your fortitude!!

Ann im no pro on judging but you girl baby Clyde looks VERY girly to me but im new and havent seen Clyde as a boy before this.
Maybe we sometimes get a boy picture in our brain for a certain face makes it hard to see as a girl ?