Can anyone tell me the order of what I should paint first on my reborn kits and where the mottling gos

This is my order of where everything gos.
First I do green/ blue wash
2 lips
3 mottleing/blush
4 skin colour
5 eye brows
7 lips again
8 blush on face
9 veins I cant do veins so I try to avoid them as much as I can
10 creasing.
11 hair
Also I would like to know some tips on how I can paint hair.

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You paint in the order you want. That doesn’t really matter. My steps change every few dolls.
I use primary method, so I do
Three washes yellow/red/blue
Than mottling because it gives the skin tone almost complete
An other round or two of the primary colors
Veins and creases
First blush/shading
An other round of primary colors
Creases, lips, blush
I like to add a layer of purple or sap green at the end.

I only do brows and hair after varnish.


Everyone has their own method.

  1. I put a light coat of paint on the lips before I do anything else to get them the shape that I want. That way, if I’m not happy with them I can strip them (I use air dry) without any chance of disturbing paint on the face.
  2. Veins
  3. Mottling
  4. Creases
  5. Shading
  6. Blush
  7. Skin tones-I use multiple layers of color for them.
  8. Finish lips
  9. Eyebrows-painted
  10. Nails
  11. Painted hair
  12. Varnish
  13. Rooted hair
  14. Assembly and dressing-the most fun part for me.

There are lots of free hair painting tutorials on YouTube as well as some you can purchase.


Lips first is something I’ve never thought of. That seems really smart to do them first since you put it that way, Jean.

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Everyone does definitely have their own process, mine varies slightly from baby to baby but generally I do:

  1. Veins & Lips
  2. Undertones/Shading
  3. First creases layer
  4. Mottling in primary colors if I’m doing a pale baby, washes if I want a deeper skin tone
  5. Mottling additional colors
  6. Eyelids & Capillaries
  7. 1st Blush
  8. Start layers on nails and eyebrows
  9. Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat until I’m happy with the skin and any washes I need to correct any colors or just to bring it together like sap green, yellow ochre whatever it may need…
  10. Finish Nails and any details
  11. Skin Texture and glaze any where needed
  12. Varnish
  13. Root

I think that is pretty much the order I use, but everything is done in so many layers that you kind of do lots at once. Like I’ll do another eyebrow layer and some blushing or shading or whatever in one layer.

As far as where mottling goes, I mottle pretty much everywhere except the lighter areas around the mouth. I do very light mottle layers everywhere just for more realistic skin depth but do darker mottling on the arms and legs if I want a more mottled newborn type look.

That probably wasn’t very helpful and sounds pretty disorganized! I’d worry less about the exact order and more about all the details that need to get done and as you learn and improve you’ll come up with an order that makes sense and works best for you and your personal painting style :slight_smile: