Can a head be re-rooted after being glued

I rooted my baby with BB mohair and it looks cheap, My question is can I pull the hair out and buy better mohair and re-root or since there are holes will it be harder to root? Also I glued the inside already is that going to make it harder? I am so nervous. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I’m a noob but when i heated mine with glued hair, the glue moistened up. You could try heating it and pulling a small patch out from the root while hot. i’ve seen folks try to shave it or use nair and it didn’t come out so good, in that it left dark dots where the hair was still under the surface. maybe if you were going to re-root it very thick and dark, those dots would be somewhat hidden.

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Thanks Jeepers I am so scared to try because this is my forever baby and I want it to look good. I think I might try putting softner in it first to see if I can make it look any better

I have gotten bb mohair to look better woyh pantene conditioner

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What is woyh I know what pantene conditioner is

I think she meant better WITH pantene conditioner


I recently took the hair off one of my older babies (paint, too) so I could redo it. First I pulled out as much as I could with my fingers and tweezers. Then I poured boiling water inside the head and let it sit for about 10 minutes. I poured the water out and scraped off the glue from the inside. I had to do it a few times. It took awhile but it got almost all the hair out.


LOL thanks shandeni

Yes, just try to soak or scrape the glue out first, but it can be re rooted.

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Thanks everyone I guess I will hold my breath and go for it.

Get the hair and glue out, clean it up, let dry. Baking the head again will help close the holes so you can start again. I have done this a few times in my learning process :blush: If you root the hair thickly the old needle holes won’t be noticeable.

If it’s a cheap kit, let it go and get another one, it’ll be a heck of a lot less work. Now if it’s a $129 kit then I would do it. Save yourself a lot of hardwork and headache just finish it and use it as a learning experience!!

Lynn I would but it is a Nova by Cassie Brace and it a LE I was lucky to find this one.they no longer are available.

OK then-----in that case you’re in for a lot of work my friend!! You gotta do it!! Good Luck!!

It’s not hard, just takes some time and effort

I re- rooted this kit because the buyer wanted dark brown hair. It was blonde alpaca and re rooted with Angela’s mohair.

Beautiful babies funny my nursery name is babies4ever nursery I think I tried 4everbabies but it was taken.

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What type ladies trimmer?Picture?

Thanks Kimberly,

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