Cammi kit by Ping Lau

Has anyone done Cammi by Ping Lau? I just received one for a custom. She’s really cute but her limbs look too big for the size of her head to me. Also, I have no idea how to connect the ball jointed neck piece to the body. I know how to put the joint in, but do you cut off the lower part of the neck piece and set it on the shoulders? How do you attach it to the body? She has no neck flange, just a very narrow groove around the bottom and over the shoulders.

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I haven’t made her, but is it one that works like this?


@jeanhai Here is my Cammi. It was a little difficult to put together but my hubby helped and all worked out. 2 people assembly required for head part.


So you just put it over the body and tie it down? Does she need armature?

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No she does not need an armature.

Thank you.

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Your welcome! good luck!!

Mine doesn’t have the concave cardboard piece that goes inside the neck in the video, just the plastic tube. Does that matter?

you have to have that extra piece for support

Any idea what size I should get? I’m thinking 45 or 50mm?

Honestly, I don’t remember which size I had. A lovely reborn friend was my lifesaver and sent them to me to use. I think it was the biggest one.

I just ordered one from Etsy. You can’t place an order under $20 at and they come in packs of five.

awesome, I didn’t know you could purchase them on etsy. Do you have a link?

I found it on graciesdollyshop. Sorry, I don’t know how to link it.

no worries…thank you!