Calling all that use!

I started a dialogue with David on the forum about increasing the amount of pics we can have in the ad, and he’s not so sure it’s really important. I thought if more people jumped into the conversation, he’d see just how much it’s needed. Please take a moment and pop over to the site and jump into the conversation. :slight_smile:


Woo hoo! David said he’ll look into making it so we can post 20 images! Please take a moment to chime in so he knows there’s more interested artists.


David now has set things up so we can have 20 images in our ads now!!! He did say we may need to post the first 10 then go back to the set up to add the second set. That’s fine with me!!


Who’s David?

That is great news!

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Melanie, he’s the owner of the site.

Good job, Amy!

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I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask! :slight_smile:

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