Calendar question?

Hey ya’ll. I ordered during the 12.00 kit sale and bought 6 kits. I didn’t get the calendar. I thought you got one when you bought two kits. Did anyone else not get one?

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I got one. You could email them and ask about it. They may have run out. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I will ask them. I was wondering if maybe it was because I bought during the sale and the only reason I thought about it is because I just saw the promotion on the site. Thanks.

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Nope,I’m pretty sure it mentioned that calendars would go out during the sale too.

Yep. Just email them. I’m sure they were swamped.

Thank you @Katinafleming

Same here. I’m guessing they ran out. So sad.

I got from sale they must ran out

I ordered 3 kits during the sale and I thought I didn’t get one either. But it was on the bottom of the box underneath everything. You’ve probably checked there already but if not be sure and look!

Bought on the $12 sale and got a calendar in mine.

Interesting, I bought a kit and a calendar few days ago, was charged for the calendar so they must have some. Supposed to get today :thinking:

Received the kit and 2 calendar (paid for 1) so I’d say they aren’t out👍

I think if you bought 2 or more kits the calendar was free :slight_smile: