Caleb sculpt

Okay, I have a Caleb sculpt and I love his details and everything. But it gets annoying having to make or adjust his clothes. Anyone else think Caleb should be released in a larger size?

Not particularly since there are larger sculpts to choose from and small preemie clothes are relatively easy to get. I actually wish they would release a few more of these little ones. :slight_smile:


Preemie is waaayy too big I mean Regular carter’s that is. The found child of mine only needs to be taken in. I wish the smaller sculpts came bigger and the bigger sculpts came smaller. Lol

Each artist and collector prefer a certain size. Some love the tiny ones, some love the larger ones and some love the ones in between. If they were all the same size, it would get a bit boring.


Try and etsy they have a nice selection of micro preemie clothes.

3 Likes has some really cute micro preemie clothes also from up to 1.5 lbs., 1.5-3.5 lbs. and up.


I agree :blush: I love the littles!!


I found this

And here’s a great and super easy tutorial that shows how to turn old baby clothes into preemie sized clothes :grinning:

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doll clothes work well on him. There are nice traditional styles that don’t look dolly like. They look like petite ami and wil Beth. I found some on dolls so real site. 15" is a smidge big but totally acceptable IMO and fit very nicely around the neck. Snug so you don’t see cloth. I even found some cheapy Walmart dolls that had real cute onesies on that fit him. Carters just one you premie fit him perfectly. Sometimes their cuts vary though. I :heart:️ his size. I bought him specifically for his size