Caleb body woes

So I just picked up a Caleb kit. He was the first kit I ever reborned and I want to do another one to see my improvement, but I just don’t like the default Caleb body as it feels too short and chubby for such a thin micro preemie. I ordered this → Body in hopes that I can alter it to make it look better. I have altered bodies in the past with great success but never such a small one.

I tried to find a gathered and slim body to purchase, but I couldn’t find any small enough and I’m really not wanting to make one totally from scratch. Has anybody else been in this same predicament?

That body won’t fit Caleb well unless you narrow and shorten the limb caps and take in the front and back seams. Hes a scrawny little one and that body, unaltered, will make him look like a potato with arms and legs and the neck opening is waaay too big for him. has a 12" body that I think would fit him more proportionately if you don’t want to do all those alterations.

I took mine in from neck to crotch so it was skinnier. I thought it was too big around for him too

I switched to this body, and stuffed it lightly. I have two more and will do the same.

Lol, thinking about painting again, went through my box today and found four Clyde awake seconds from a long time ago. Now you tell me the body doesn’t fit right when I already am not sure I want to do him again. Spur of the moment purchases coming back to haunt me! Thinking about getting rid of some kits I am not interested in but the guilt strikes of not wanting the poor child!

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