Byron? Will he be restocked?

I noticed that Byron is again out of stock, but this time it just says temporarily out of stock. Will not go to the drop down menu to ask to be notified when he is replaced. Does anyone know anything? Is he being discontinued? I hope NOT! I really like that little guy!
Hope BB sees this and answers/comments etc.

I think it all depends on the sales of the kits as to whether or not they continue them. Naturally, they want to stock the high sellers. I just wish they’d order the kits in larger numbers so they don’t run out so darn quick.

Very true, Neva but lately a new kit is sold out within hours of it hitting the sales page. Seems only a lucky few who happen to be online with the cash can get in on it anymore. I’m not that type. I have to actually save up for things and pray I have enough when it comes out then since I go to bed early, I’m not usually up at midnight when they put it on the sales page(midnight my time that is)

And now it’s even harder to decide whether or not to buy. With all the news coming, I am hesitant. I always think–What if one comes out that I really, really want. I try to leave some money in my PayPal account. That way I don’t spend it and I can add or take from it. It’s my dolly money. Each time I sell a baby, I save a little for spending.