Buyer wants another baby after buying on Ebay

I sold a baby a couple of months ago on Ebay. The buyer contacted me yesterday and wants me to make her another baby. I don’t normally do customs but she would be great to work with. Anyway, Ebay is blocking my messages to her. This is the second time this has happened. The only thing I can think of is to write her a letter. I sent her a card when I mailed the baby but I guess she hasn’t thought to look at it.


Yes, it’s very hard to communicate through Ebay. But if she paid via PayPal it should mention her email address.

I checked that and Paypal refers you to Ebay for any messaging the buyer.

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May be you can find her on social media. But I think the post card will work for sure as you know her address.

Can you contact her through your regular e-mail, not eBay?

No because the only contact I have is through Ebay. I have tried to find her email. I did find her home address and a phone number on the internet and tried calling it yesterday but had to leave a message. The voice on it was a man and I am not sure if she got the message. (Maybe her husband doesn’t care for dolls). Anyway, I feel certain that she would have called me if she got the message. I thought I would maybe try again tomorrow or I am just going to mail contact information on Monday.

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Tell her to give you her email and use “code”

Or you can give her yours…

example… nansbabies at gee male

I have done this before when I have a customer wanting to use my layaway…because I have to invoice them through Paypal .

I don’t know why they don’t allow exchange of emails anymore …so frustrating. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have to write my email address in careful code on eBay when a customer wants to contact me further about babies. I also use code to direct them to my FB doll page. eBay doesn’t want us to do business outside of them. They try to monopolize business.


@InfantInspirations Would you please teach me how exactly you do it. I was trying to direct my Ebay buyers to Reborns as I list on Ebay with higher price due to their 10%, but they are still bought them from Ebay.

I would really like to know also.

My FB page is Sweet Little Cherry Blooms. So I tell people to search on that name. When I send my email I type the first part then I type A T and then the domain (with a lot of space in between the letters of the words), and then d oh tee c omm. I use a lot of spaces in between letters and words. So far it has worked, but no telling if their filters have gotten better at spotting stuff.

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My buyer called me yesterday. She said she had received my messages and had replied but I did not receive any of her replies. Anyway, we got things straightened out. From now on if i sell on Ebay, i am going to put a printed instructions for contacting me. I have the info on my cards but I think I will include both. Thank you all for your suggestions.